10 Things Facebook Fans Crave From Your Business Page

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Do you know what your Facebook fans crave from your Facebook page? If you have been managing a business page for some time, you may have noticed that your content is not reaching a big majority of your fan base.

Reach is a major frustration for most business owners that I come in contact with every day. However, I want you to stop focusing on reach just for a moment and ask yourself how you can better serve the fans that have liked your page.

Here are some common questions that I get asked by my local business clients on a regular basis.

  • What will I post?
  • When will I post?
  • How often will I post?
  • How can I convert more sales?
  • How will I add value for my fans?

The simple answer to this question is – ask your fans! Here’s an example from a local Facebook page. Every month this business owner asks her fans what they would like to see on her page.

Check out that feedback! Each of these headings has the potential to generate up to three pieces of content each for your page. Yes, that is 30 potential posts for the week or you could break it down over the month. I’d recommend that you space promotions and contests out.

#1 Contests & Freebies

Fans love to enter contests. This is a great way to showcase a new product, boost engagement on your page and build your list. One of the best features of contests using apps was the like gate. Sadly, that is no longer an option as of November 2014. You can still use apps if you want to build your list though.


#2 Special Facebook Only Offers

The offers feature on Facebook is a great way to drive sales into your local business. My biggest tip is to create something that is exclusive to your fans and makes it really easy for you to track. Here is an example from Jessica at Inspire Fitness. She has developed a 21 day programme for her fitness business. By running a special offer to include a discount and a free consultation on her page she attracted over 23 new leads in a couple days that converted into a number of high worth clients.


#3 Visual Content

Fans respond really well to visual content. This can come in the form of positive and inspirational quotes to attractive visuals for blog content to photos from within your business. You can use visuals to tell your business story and connect with your fans. Don’t forget you need to build a relationship with fans and this is a simple and human way to do that. I love how Kim Garst uses visuals to inspire her fans. Check out the social sharing and activity on this post!


#4 DIY Guides or Free Downloads

Adding value with helpful content is really important and as Facebook continue to change the way they show your fans content this is a “must do” for 2015. By creating helpful guides, how-to’s and libraries of content, you will build trust and credibility with your fans. Check out this great example from Agorapulse. Your free download does not have to be long just make sure it provides real value to your fans.


#5 Getting to Know You

Fans love to know more about the faces behind a business. Don’t be afraid to be “social” and share pictures and stories about your staff members. This helps your fans and customers to connect with the people in your business and when they come to your physical location there is a connection already!


#6 What Your Customers Say

One way that your can build your reputation with fans is by what your customers say about you. Do you use the review feature on your page? Ask your customers to leave a review when they are in your store or ask them via your page. Here is an example of one from our own page.

If you want to be really creative you can also turn Facebook reviews into visual posts that POP!


#7 Your Latest Blog Post

Facebook is great and I LOVE it as you may have worked out. However it is really important to use it to drive traffic to your website as well. You may write a weekly/monthly post or host videos on your site. Whatever content you are creating over there, make sure you use Facebook to share high quality content with your fans. Jon Loomer is a great example of someone who provides consistent value and uses Facebook to drive website traffic.


#8 Video

Are you using Video on Facebook yet? If not, it’s time to start. I am starting to do this to introduce my weekly blog posts. Video is one of the biggest trends to hit Facebook this year. Even if you are not technically savvy, you can still record simple videos on your phone and post them to your Facebook page. Check out what Jay Baer is doing with video on Facebook! I just love these videos, they are valuable, sometimes fun and most importantly they are short and sweet – just perfect for a busy business owner like me


Mari Smith nails video on Facebook! I love how she invites you into her “casa”. In this video she encourages her fans to look after each other at Christmas and remember those less fortunate.


#9 NEW Product Updates

Let you fans be the first to know about new products and services that you are planning to release or launch. Do you have an exclusive brand or limited stock that you want to share with fans. They will really appreciate you sharing the news. This is a great example from a local shoe shop. Vaughan Shoes is a family run business in Mayo, Ireland. Donal plays for the county team and is a local hero so the business sell Mayo branded merchandise. Fans went crazy for these pink wellies! If you lived in the West of Ireland like I do, you would know how important wellies are and the pink Mayo ones were a BIG hit for this local business.


#10 Live Q&A

Social should be about interaction. Depending on your business, you could host a love Q&A on your Facebook page. Of course there is no better example than Mark Zuckerburg. Here is a lovely example of how he recorded a LIVE Q&A – check out all the comments and interaction.

Ok, so I know it’s Mark Zuckerberg, but get creative how could you integrate a live Q&A on your page? Give you fans exclusive access to you for a limited period of time. Phew that’s it! 10 things Facebook fans crave from your Facebook page. I hope these examples will give you some inspiration!

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Your Turn

What do your fans love on your Facebook page? Tell me in the comments below and perhaps we could add to this list :-)

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  • http://abby-wynne.com/abbyblog/ Abby Wynne

    Great blog Jenny! Some good ideas here. I would love to use the review feature on my page, but I don’t class myself as a local business! Nevermind! Keep up the great work x

    • Jenny Brennan

      Hey, Abbey! Thanks. You can still use the review feature. What I always do is send my clients to this link https://www.facebook.com/virtualofficeworx?sk=reviews and ask them for a review. I also make a point of giving their business visibility where appropriate. What you do can be very private, but you could extract the review and put it in a nice canva and share it with your community :-)

  • http://marismith.com/ Mari Smith

    Thank you kindly for the mention, Jenny! I just love your style. Keep up the great work. xx :)

    • Jenny Brennan

      Thank you Mari! I love your style too :-) I learned from the best of course!